The Hospitality Training Platform for your bar, restaurant or hotel

Hospitalify is a provider of a hospitality training platform for your employees. The platform contains 25+ training sessions for waiters, chefs, bar crew and the rest of your hospitality team. The platform can be customized towards your brands, and gives the possibility to create your own hospitality trainings. Find out all the options of the platform below, or request a demo to experience it.

Why a Hospitalify is the right choice for you

More than 25,000 employees already use the Hospitalify online hospitality courses!

Ready-to-use library with 20+ editable hospitality courses

Easily build your own (onboarding) courses

Well-trained staff generate 10-20% more turnover

Academy (& App) in your corporate identity

Insight into your employees’ progress

Keep learning with online hospitality courses from Hospitalify!

Hospitality, service, and quality are playing an increasingly important role in the success of hospitality businesses. Especially since the rise of review websites where the “service” aspect of a business is the one that is most often criticised. And that’s a shame, unfavourable reviews mean that you not only lose new guests, but existing guests are also less likely to return. In a successful hospitality business, staff training is an investment that should certainly be prioritised. With Hospitalify, we ensure that both new and current employees are trained throughout the year!

Our course videos

Our online hospitality courses are full of useful tips and facts from one of the best hospitality trainers in the Netherlands: Maarten Wessels. Cindy provides the fun intros for all of our training courses while Wes also gives students useful learning tools in the Cross-selling and Upselling courses!

Your customised house style, and own app in the app store

Hospitalify works with the best learning platform, all of which can be adapted to your own house style. If you use the Hubper platform, you can also offer your own app in the iOS App store and Google Play Store for a one-off fee. You can also link your own domain name to your academy!

How are your employees’ progressing?

Measurements are key, and this certainly applies to an online academy. Within the learning platform, you can see exactly which employee is at which training level. You can also see which courses have been completed and in which course a particular employee is currently enrolled.

Connect easily to your schedule or HR system!

The systems that are compatible with Hospitalify are easy to link to one of the primary systems within your company. When someone is newly employed, this person automatically receives access to their onboarding programme within the learning environment. Has this person left your company? Then their access to the learning environment is automatically terminated. We’ll make sure you always have an up-to-date learning system and never pay too much! If you’d like to know more about specific tools, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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