Hospitalify content over several platforms

We’ll make sure you’re never tied to one specific system. We offer the freedom to use Hospitalify content in a system that best suits your organisation. Want to add your own training courses? No problem.

HorecaHero training courses are uploaded to Hubper and LearnGorilla, among others. Do you prefer to work with a completely different system that suits your company? The choice is yours.

Customise your own courses and add to the library

Every company is different, so it’s only logical that you want to adapt your training accordingly. Our 25+ training courses make it easy for you to start your journey with a full-fledged library of hospitality training courses.

Not only can you link certain employees or functions to certain training courses and learning paths, you can also build specific training courses with the authoring tool. For example, you can add an onboarding training for new employees to the library.

Your customised app in app stores

On average, we spend 5.5 hours a day on our phones. So, it’s no surprise that the online training courses have been integrated into an app for mobile phones to make them even more accessible to your employees. Of course, they reflect the style of your own systems and can be found in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store with your own icon.

By the way, did you know that you can also communicate with your staff through this Hubper App? Isn’t that exciting!