40 minutes


Many see a great cup of coffee as a company’s calling card and it also serves an important social function.
45 minutes

Beer basics

In this course, you’ll learn more about the history of beer, where it all started, what the ingredients are, and how beer is made.
35 minutes

Beer: in depth

Learn about the difference between bottom-fermenting and top-fermenting beers, blond beers, and Trappist beers.
30 minutes

Circle of hospitality

What are your goals and what are the best ways to be truly hospitable in every phase of the customer journey, from arrival to departure? We’ll explain all the ins and outs!
40 minutes


In this course, you’ll learn to recognise your own pitfalls and how to communicate "properly" with your guests and colleagues.
2 hours


Everyone who works in or owns a business in the hospitality industry has to deal with the rules surrounding food safety.
40 minutes


This training offers you the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your role as a hotel housekeeper.
60 minutes

Liquor & spirits

Most guests are not asked if they would like a drink with their coffee... A missed opportunity, if you ask us.
90 minutes


In this course, we’ll show you the basics of becoming a real hospitality Hero!
30 minutes

Up- & Cross selling

This training will not only ensure that you generate more turnover, but also that the guests leave more satisfied and that you, as an employee, remain more motivated.